Sofitel So Bangkok – luxury sky living Thai style

Sofitel So Bangkok
Sofitel So Bangkok is one of our favourite places to stay in the city - it's available on Gifting Owl

Hubbie is feeling oh so masculine at the moment! He’s sitting in an arty farty club lounge just along from Bangkok’s gay district, eating miniature cheese and biscuits, sipping pink cocktails whilst Thai chaps in sparkly gold trousers prance around with fake tea lights in a traditional candle ceremony. Yet he’s enjoying being waited on hand and foot, appreciating the creative food presentation, and although he won’t admit it, he’s actually loving the cocktails!

I feel no embarrassment by admitting the only reason we visit Bangkok is to be treated like royalty, and if we could move into our new favourite hotel permanently, then we would!!

Sofitel So Bangkok

Room with a view, Sofitel So Bangkok
Room with a view
Our own hallway at Sofitel So Bangkok
Our private hallway at Sofitel So Bangkok

I’d never heard of this hotel in Bangkok, and indeed have never stayed at a Sofitel hotel before, so was a little unsure of what to expect. The website promised a degree of sophisticated trendiness and playful luxury perhaps aimed at younger clientele, with outlandishly colourful décor and monthly pool parties.

I didn’t think it would really be our cup of tea, being in our mid 30’s and getting the shivers at just the thought of loud pumping music and scantily clad wannabe’s draipsing themselves around the pool. Yet the rooms looked too good to miss, so throwing caution to the wind we booked a few nights on the way over to Laos.

Our suite at Sofitel So Bangkok
Our suite 2610 at Sofitel So Bangkok

Arriving VIP style

Deciding to go all out we booked their BMW VIP airport transfer, which felt rather indulgent at 2,400 baht but something to look forward to after the long journey from the UK. Not that it was a tough journey with our favourite airline, Qatar, where we’d basically sat on our arses for 14 hours, watched 6 movies in a row and dined out on all that they could throw at us (although I maintain there’s never going to be an occasion where I can stomach chicken fried rice for breakfast). It was a waste of time carting along our ipods, kindles, magazines and puzzle books, we didn’t once use any of them! I found it a little strange that during our stop at Doha people were tucking into lobster, caviar and champagne at 3am, but I guess if it’s there, why the hell not.

So the BMW ride was just pure bliss. And it was nothing to do with the fact we had our own minibar in the back, complete with handmade chocolates, bottles of water and carafes of earl grey iced tea. There were also a couple of small white tablets with ‘H2O’ written on them, which we assumed were energy pills or something. Luckily we didn’t bother eating them as we later discovered they were in fact face cloths that expand in water. That could’ve been rather embarrassing. You can also dictate what music you’d like on the stereo, and how cold you want the air conditioning, but you’d be forgiven for ignoring all that as you lean back on the leather and try not to fall asleep as the car purrs smoothly on to your destination.

Club heaven

Never have we stayed anywhere so colourful, the Club Lounge at Sofitel So Bangkok
All colours of the rainbow in the gorgeous Club Lounge at Sofitel So Bangkok

It has to be said we’ve never felt so well looked after than here at the Sofitel So Bangkok. The brilliantly uniformed club floor staff were just so attentive, genuinely friendly and keen to assist with whatever small request we might have. Before long they all knew our names (possibly something to do with our near permanent residence in the club lounge!) rather than just calling us ‘sir’ or ‘madam’. It almost began to feel like family.

The lovely Club staff at Sofitel So Bangkok
The lovely Club staff at Sofitel So Bangkok – such amazing uniforms!

There’s always some tasty bites on offer in the club lounge, and if you time it right you’ll never need to spend a penny on dining out! There’s more choice at breakfast than you could decently get though in a week, and I found I lost my heart to their eggs benedict (the first time I’ve ever had it!) from day one.

Mmmmmmm, my favourite eggs benedict at Sofitel So Bangkok
Mmmmmmm, my favourite eggs benedict at Sofitel So Bangkok

Later on afternoon tea is available, just make sure you go early enough to leave room for the next round which comes in the form of complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the evening. So by dinner time you’re well and truly stuffed and can’t even contemplate another morsel. Waddling back to the bedroom to watch the National Geographic channel is about all the activity we could muster after a hard day nibbling.

Time for a spot of afternoon tea at Sofitel So Bangkok
Time for a spot of afternoon tea at Sofitel So Bangkok

Suite dreams

We’d booked a So Studio, but on arrival discovered our room was in fact the biggest suite we’ve ever had the pleasure of lounging around in. More of an apartment really. I reckon it used to be a Studio but has been converted into a suite with an additional corridor and living room around the side.

A bed big enough for 6 at Sofitel So Bangkok
A bed big enough for 6 at Sofitel So Bangkok

It was colossal, with 2 bathrooms, 2 TVs, 4 telephones, a dressing room, a bath big enough for 4, and a bed as wide as it was long with the sort of bedding that just moulds itself silkily to your body. We were clearly going to be spending a fair amount of time making the most of the suite!

Hot tub party anyone? Sofitel So Bangkok
Hot tub party anyone? Sofitel So Bangkok
Loo with a view at Sofitel So Bangkok
Loo with a view at Sofitel So Bangkok

It’s a dream for those with exhibitionist tendencies, having only a glass wall between bedroom and bathroom (there is a roller blind if you’re shy!), and a floor to ceiling external window in one of the bathrooms, but this just adds to the quirky fun that comes in abundance at the Sofitel So Bangkok.

As well as different standards of rooms, there are 5 different ‘elements’ to choose from when it comes to decor. Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. How cool is that, you can even pick your own room design!!

We liked the cool contemporary black and silver one (Water) but were told So Studios didn’t come in that element. So we were pleasantly surprised to find in fact we did have a Water room, which is perhaps why they gave us the one they did. Certainly one of the best upgrades ever. And between you and me, it’s room 2610!

Have a look at our walk through film of our suite at Sofitel So Bangkok…

Dining in the sky

Despite all that was on offer in the club lounge we just had to dine at Park Society, the sophisticated restaurant at the very pinnacle of the hotel. It had rained so the outside deck wasn’t in use, but we had front row seats for one of the best views in town inside the restaurant itself. Dining in the sky is one of the top things to do in Bangkok and an experience you shouldn’t miss! The food was well presented and tasty (if a little overpriced, but you pay for the view don’t you!), and even came with their very own hand made complimentary chocolates. I wasn’t convinced by the coriander flavour, but the other two were delicious.

Dining in style at Park Society, Sofitel So Bangkok
Dining in style at Park Society, Sofitel So Bangkok

The best infinity pool in town

We like to pick our moments, and our foray into the Sofitel So Bangkok pool proved to be one such occasion. Choosing a quiet time during the afternoon we snuck down to the water park on level 10 and had the shimmering blue pool virtually to ourselves. Hubbie immediately busied himself with some laps whilst I kidded myself that holiday exercise involved simply gazing at the incredible skyline across Lumphini Park whilst relaxing in the jacuzzi. All was as it should be.

Stormy waters at Sofitel So Bangkok
Stormy waters at Sofitel So Bangkok

Soon after however one of Bangkok’s famous afternoon storms rolled in with alarming speed, and before we knew it the sky was black, the waves were high and poolside furniture was being swept into the water quicker than we were able to retrieve it. We retired to the jacuzzi before realising the lightning probably rendered the idea a little insane. So there was only one thing for it…another trip to the club lounge to re-energize after our gruelling afternoon regime.

Clouds brewing over Lumphini Park, Sofitel So Bangkok
Clouds brewing over Lumphini Park, Sofitel So Bangkok

They have a what?

Not content with eye-popping rooms, scrumptious food and a view in a million, the hotel even have their own chocolate factory where if you wish you can get creative yourself and have a go at making some of their delicious and unique concoctions. At check out in the club lounge we were each given a little box of these chocolates, which we savoured for all of several minutes before agreeing it really would be best to eat them in case they melted.

Chocolate factory goodness at Sofitel So Bangkok
Chocolate factory goodness at Sofitel So Bangkok

Tips for visiting the Sofitel So Bangkok

Our club suite was room number 2610, and being on a corner had oodles of space and views to die for.

Getting a taxi at the airport is really easy and much cheaper than their VIP transfer, but the latter is certainly a fun way to arrive in comfort and style.

By opting for the club floor you’ll save so much money by not needing to dine out.

Our separate living room at Sofitel So Bangkok
Our separate living room at Sofitel So Bangkok

Back in the club lounge this evening hubbie is being a man and forgoing cocktails in favour of some trusty Singha Beer. Having learnt from past experiences in Thailand, it’s always a good idea to accept a Singha Beer!

Welcome treats in our suite at Sofitel So Bangkok
Welcome treats in our suite at Sofitel So Bangkok

This post is sponsored by Sofitel. All words and opinions remain my own.

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  1. says: melody pittman

    You hit the jackpot on this one! Wow! Luxury accommodations, gorgeous food, the works. Lucky you. I am drooling over those rugs and beautiful bed as well as the hollandaise sauce. NOM>

  2. says: Bianca @itsallbee

    Oh my, I am so with. This place looks great. They might have to get security to get me to leave, especially when the the staff really look after you. I love that part of travel in addition to the sightseeing stuff.

  3. says: Bruno B

    A friend of mine stayed in this same hotel and loved it. They actually spend their NYE there. And that stunning infinity pool as a highly-discussed topic!

  4. says: Nic Hilditch

    That first paragraph really made me laugh! I have heard that in Thailand and the whole of SEA you can get amazing accommodation for a lot cheaper than in the west (same in Eastern Europe too), although we usually hunt out the cheapest around to use as a base. I know though when we are travelling long term we might have to treat ourselves every now and then to a bit of luxury away from the hostels… this looks like a great option!

    1. says: Heather Cole

      The amazing value (to us as Brits) is one reason we keep returning…we can have a month in SE Asia for the same price as a week in Europe, and still live in luxury.

  5. says: Els

    This looks like pure luxury indeed! It’s all so wonderfully presented as well!! I usually use accommodation just to sleep, but I might be persuaded in hanging around a bit longer at this place! 🙂

  6. says: Susanna

    Wow, this place looks so cool! We’re heading to Bangkok this summer and I can’t decide which hotel to finish our trip on…think I might have just been persuaded! Thanks 🙂