New to Conversant Traveller? We’re Heather and Peter, avid travellers from the UK, and we’re so glad you stopped by.

If you’re here, it means you have an interest in adventurous luxury travel. It’s our favourite past-time and we’re thrilled to share our experiences and ideas with you. Conversant Traveller is full of honest reviews, practical travel advice and a whole lot of personality and humour.

We’re here to show you what the experience is really like, warts and all.

Conversant Traveller Style

We’re very independent travellers, and value our privacy above all else. Group trips really aren’t our thing, although we do appreciate the benefits of local knowledge and sometimes take day tours or classes to better understand the culture. Just don’t ask us to enjoy communal dinners, force us to dance around the camp fire or consume obscene amounts of alcohol. We may well do all of these things, but like to have the power of choice.

Adventure and landscape exploration are what makes us tick. On our travels you’ll find us ploughing rice paddies in Laos with water buffalo; microlighting over canyons in South Africa; and quad biking around abandoned desert film sets in Morocco. Yet when it comes to sleeping, it’s all about private plunge pools, sumptuous four poster beds and our own butlers!

We’re all about adventure by day and luxury by night.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up some of our most popular posts to give you an idea of what Conversant Traveller is all about.

Adventure by Day

So what do we mean by adventure? Pretty much what the dictionary says. The pursuit of unusual, exciting or daring experiences. For us, these tend to take place in rural areas because we love the countryside and aren’t quite so enthusiastic about the crowds of big cities.

Whilst we’re not adrenaline junkies, we do love experiencing landscapes a little differently if we can. By canoe, cable car or camel, we’ll try it all. Well, maybe not camel…Hubbie has sworn never to be that uncomfortable ever again!

In other words, you won’t see us flinging ourselves out of planes but you will see us flying them!

Adventure by Day

Luxury by Night

Now by luxury, we don’t necessarily mean the sheets have to be Egyptian cotton, and the bath taps gilded with pure gold. We believe in comfort, quirkiness, and above all, luxury of experience. This can mean service that is so genuine and friendly that you leave feeling like family. Or it can mean a view of the Andean Mountains from your bed and a hot tub on your veranda. 

Luxury Travel is an often debated phrase, so we’ve even written a post about what it really means to us!

You won’t find us sleeping in hostels, bland skyscraper hotels or couch surfing. We like to do it differently. Unique is the operative word! Instead come with us as we check out colonial mansions, sumptuous castles and even take sole occupancy of a church!

Luxury by Night

Be inspired?

We’re not big headed enough to say our purpose is to inspire you to fulfil your own travel hopes and dreams, but if we can help you on your way then that makes us happy!

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