Timamoon – the most seductive lodge in South Africa

Plunge pool heaven at Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie
Plunge pool heaven at Blue Moon Lodge, perfect for skinny dipping, apparently!

A perfect stay at Timamoon luxury retreat

A beautiful naked woman stood luxuriating in the cool water of an outdoor rain shower at Timamoon Lodge, surrounded by tropical foliage and enjoying the far-reaching view of the Sabie river valley below. Hubbie was sold. He normally spends a little longer on websites when we’re deciding where to stay but this one was a no-brainer. If I’m honest, I quite fancied recreating that scene myself, although no doubt the reality would mean cold water and far too many bugs for me to actually enjoy it.

These things always look more sexy in photographs don’t they!

Known in South Africa as the most seductive lodge on the planet, Timamoon is a romantic hillside hideaway surrounded by plantations and forests, not far from the Kruger Park. We’d just spent a few glorious weeks in South Africa, going on luxury game drives in Sabi Sand, sipping wine at the most prestigious estates in Franschhoek, and sleeping under the stars in Swaziland. Yet it was a few days of doing something we never do – chilling out – at Timamoon that I was perhaps looking forward to the most.

Timamoon luxury romantic lodge Sabie South Africa
Walking through the Timamoon plantation on the way to dinner

There are 6 luxurious lodges tucked away amongst the greenery, each with it’s own unique African style. Much of the decor involves artefacts and quirky ornaments collected by the owners on their travels around the continent, most notably Morocco and Zanzibar. Usually the centre piece of any luxurious abode, the ornately carved four-poster beds are almost upstaged by lofty thatched roofs, intricately tiled sunken baths big enough for two, and huge fireplaces to warm even the largest of lodges.

Oh, and did I mention the infinity plunge pools? Drool.

Perhaps the hardest decision was choosing our lodge as they all looked divine, but after many emails back and forth with the lovely assistant managers Jessie and Skye, they convinced me that ‘Blue Moon’ was the most romantic as it was even more secluded than the others. They certainly know their stuff…it was perfect!

The anticipation grew as we bumped along the hillside track in our car, following Jessie through the plantation on her quad bike. The fact that she was wearing a gorgeous scarlet summer cocktail dress whilst riding this dirt machine was strangely fitting of the whole Timamoon ethos. Luxury outdoor living at it’s finest.

Car parking at Blue Moon, Timamoon, South Africa
Even our car port was cute at Blue Moon, with the entrance to the lodge through the garden doorway to the right

Parking in Blue Moon’s own little shaded terracotta car park we tried to contain our childish excitement as we followed Jessie down the cobbled garden path to our home for the next few days.

Walking down the garden path to Blue Moon, Timamoon, South Africa
Walking down the garden path to Blue Moon, first view of the lodge

We tried not to trip over the resident peacocks along the way, and soon learnt that it was as much their home as ours with their frequent displays of superiority as they strutted across our terrace each morning. One of their favourite past-times was admiring (and being confused by) their own reflections in our windows.

Peacock at Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
Mr Peacock showing us who’s boss on our terrace at Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon

Blue Moon was incurably romantic, and never have I seen ‘sexy’ and ‘eco’ work together so well. The lodge was an endearing blend of wood, thatch and the trademark Moroccan-style terracotta that is found all over the plantation, with an open plan style that lends itself most superbly to outdoor living.

Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
Blue Moon Lodge at Timamoon

Inside was like stepping into the most charming museum ever! Every alcove was adorned with tribal antiques or abstract ethnic art, and even the furniture was individually hand-crafted and sourced from exotic corners of the continent. Definitely our sort of place. I immediately began taking notes for our next house, much to hubbies despair.

Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
Blue Moon lodge is huge!

I loved that there were so many places to laze about, including a mezzanine viewing deck accessed by a gorgeously rickety ladder, leaving the bed purely for the purpose for which it was intended. Sleeping, right?

Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
The interior of Blue Moon is like a museum with artefacts from all over the world

And so on to the bathroom, often my favourite part of any accommodation. It sure didn’t disappoint with it’s glamorous bath tub and suitably placed candles.

Blue Moon Lodge at Timamoon, between Sabie and Hazyview, South Africa
Our romantic Moroccan style bathroom at Blue Moon

There was a shower too, and even his and hers sinks which are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Not to mention the beautiful Moroccan lighting casting pretty shapes onto the walls.

Blue Moon Lodge bathroom, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
The sexy Blue Moon bathroom

Undeniably the plunge pool was the icing on the cake, and if you’ve read about our travels in Laos you’ll know that we’ve been known to choose our destination country based entirely on an internet image search for infinity pools around the world! Better than just sticking a pin in the map anyway!

Whilst hubbie was out accidentally hunting for snakes and getting cornered by the male peacock, I found my own little corner of paradise.

Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
This is where I spent most of my time at Blue Moon!

The sweeping views from the pool terrace overlook the Sabie River and distant mountains beyond, and if you’re lucky you’ll spot the Long-crested eagles floating on the thermals that rise above the valley. The comfy stilted day bed was a great little touch, and we loved coming up here to read in the heat of the afternoon, enjoying the cooling breezes from the valley. Have to be honest I didn’t progress my latest novel very well. I’m easily distracted, especially by good views. And inquisitive peacocks. And flying insects.

Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
Our outdoor day bed at Blue Moon

Privacy is something Timamoon does superbly. None of the lodges are overlooked, and you could easily spend a few days without seeing or hearing another soul if you so wished. Approaching staff coming to service the lodge or deliver a picnic lunch always call out from the path, checking its okay to pop down, and giving you enough time to wriggle back into your bikini should you have been trying out a true al-fresco lifestyle!

Just saying.

Check out our walk through film of the Blue Moon lodge at Timamoon…

Sorry it’s a bit shaky…there had been wine involved!

When we’d had our fill of lazing by the pool, we hiked down to the Sabie River to admire the waterfalls. It was a pretty steep climb and we were glad we’d left the flip flops back at the lodge. The rocks at the bottom are a great place for a picnic, but I have to be honest, it was just too hot in November to want to hang around for long, and we were glad we’d ordered our lunch to eat back by the pool later on.

Sabie River, Timamoon, South Africa
Afternoon walk by the Sabie River at Timamoon

Yoga and massages can be arranged in the privacy of your own lodge, or for the more energetic there is horse riding, river rafting and hot air-ballooning nearby. Timamoon isn’t far from the spectacular Blyde River Canyon, a stunning place to hike and admire the waterfalls. As for us, we decided to go micro-lighting over the canyon. But that’s another story!

Before dinner each evening we popped down to the open air bar for cocktails and to enjoy the twinkling star lights hanging in the rafters. I’ve never been to a bar accessed by stepping stones over a pond and this was significantly easier to negotiate on the way in!

Timamoon bar, Sabie, South Africa
Have you ever seen such a cool bar? Surrounded by water and accessed by stepping stones!

The food at Timamoon is a delight, and we loved that the chef came into the candle-lit restaurant each evening to present the menu to the diners. Breakfast was delicious too, and we were seated in private little natural alcoves around a koi carp pond, listening to the peakcocks calling to each other in the trees. Did you know they roost in trees?

Timamoon dining room
Romance on the menu with candlelit gourmet dinners at Timamoon

Being the renowned sportswoman that I am (I was excluded from football class at school and once shot my niece with an arrow!) it was only natural we should have a game of pool after dinner. Only trouble was, the snooker table appeared to be full size, and height isn’t one of my fortes.

The snooker table lounge at Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
Feeling vertically challenged playing pool at Timamoon!

Still, I think I potted a couple of balls. Or maybe that was just the wine talking.

Timamoon is all about decadence in a rustically romantic setting, and going back to nature without giving up the pleasures of life. Coincidently exactly the ethos behind Conversant Traveller! We were over the moon with our stay here, and can’t wait to return to try out one of the other lodges.

And as for the naked lady?

She never did put in an appearance, but at least I got to try the shower myself. Bugs and all.


Timamoon is accessed by a steep forest track and although it is just about reachable in a normal car in the dry season, I wouldn’t have wanted to try it in the wet! If you can, take a 4×4!

Picnics are delicious but perhaps not quite what you’d expect…all hot food (wraps and pizza) and a bit too much just for lunch. So don’t go mad at breakfast if you’re planning one.

It’s a bit of a walk through the estate to the restaurant from the lodges (10 minutes from Blue Moon) so best leave your heels at home, or at least take some flats along too. Staff are happy to escort you back afterwards in the dark, but it’s far more fun to take your own flash-light and hope you don’t get lost!

Sunset at Blue Moon, Timamoon, Sabie, South Africa
Even the sunsets at Timamoon are special

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  1. says: Michael

    Hi there,

    Could you base yourself here and do some morning/evening safari trips easily enough?

    We were thinking of doing a couple of days self drive in Kruegar and then staying at Timamoon for a couple of days, but we also liked the option of doing a couple more morning/ evening drives?


    1. says: Heather Cole

      Hi Michael, it’s best to speak directly to the folks at Timamoon about this (we didn’t do any game drives from here as we wanted to just enjoy the gorgeous surroundings there, and also it’s really near Blyde Canyon which you mustn’t miss if you have the time). Personally I’d stay in/nearer the Kruger for the game drives (especially if it’s morning/evening (the best times) you’re after). Have a wonderful time!

  2. says: Monica Barnett

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for our honeymoon next year, we’ve got the safari bit covered but were looking for somewhere relaxing to end the trip and not too far from JHB, I’m emailing them now, thanks a lot for the tip.

  3. says: dannielle

    Heather, I’m practically drooling over this post. It looks absolutely amazing! I would LOVE to stay here. I’m dreaming about South Africa at the moment and wasn’t sure whereabouts I actually wanted to go, but maybe this is the deciding factor!

  4. says: Svet Dimitrov

    Heather, I knew I should have clicked on another post.. Hahaha, OMG, this was excellent. I love the Peacock photo and the pool, the bath, everything!

  5. says: Corinne

    It looks like an absolutely stunning place! I’m not sure I would go anywhere except from that bathtub to the pool and back! They do serve your food to your bathtub, right?

  6. says: Cathy RoarLoud

    Wow gorgeous place! I don’t think I will have such luxury when I head to Tanzania in September. I love your leopard photos on Instagram too!! Roar!

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Thanks Cathy, more to come on Instagram! Where about’s in Tanzania are you heading? We’re thinking maybe Tanz or Kenya next year and looking for inspiration!

  7. says: melody pittman

    Okay, this might be my favorite place you’ve stayed yet! Loved everything about it, especially that amazing bathtub. How exotic! Those light fixtures with the cutouts in the bathroom were so unique. What a fun place to explore.

  8. says: Nic from Roaming Renegades

    Oh wow, you have gone and done it again haven’t you… you found the most perfect place to stay ever! I love it! It’s looks so full of character but yet so relaxing. Man, yet another place to add to the list! Love the river hike too.

  9. says: Michelle

    Gorgeous post, Heather! Love your writing! We are currently researching a trip to Africa, and boy oh boy is it pricy…but worth it!

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Thanks 🙂 it can be expensive but good value for what you get and actually cheaper than places in eg Kenya for top end luxury!

  10. says: Edith & Juan

    This lodge is BEAUTIFUL!! I think it would be nice to have our own private place away from everything, and this is very luxurious. Loved it and all your pictures.

  11. says: Revati

    I’ve just been visiting a few luxury safari lodges here in India, but this one beats all of them! Sigh. Beautiful.

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Not as many animals here (apart from the odd snake and some arrogant peacocks!), but it’s a great place to stay after that safari!