Suite dreams at Hotel D Strasbourg

Executive Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg
Home suite home - our Executive Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg

Where city breaks are concerned, country-boy Hubbie has one rule. If I’m to convince him to join me then the accommodation must be pretty much out of this world. If he knows we’re going to sleep in splendour then he’s up for almost anything, including swapping his beloved mountains and lakes for architecture and canals. Hotel D in Strasbourg was next on our latest European adventure, and I was quietly confident it would tick all the boxes. We were developing quite a taste for modern design hotels, having already tried them in both Basel and Colmar. Now it was the turn of Strasbourg’s Hotel D.

Hotel D Strasbourg
Hotel D Strasbourg

Hotel D Strasbourg

Tucked away in downtown Strasbourg is shiny new Hotel D, a contemporary space perfect for unwinding after a day of wandering the cobbles in the old town. The words modern and design are often synonymous with bland and neutral so I was delighted with the liberal splashes of colour around the boutique hotel, helping to make the atmosphere really warm and welcoming. Even the stairs were treated with a bit of contemporary spirit!

Even the stairs are fun at Hotel D Strasbourg
Even the stairs are fun at Hotel D Strasbourg

Hotel D is hidden away down a quiet side street on the edge of the old town, and being only 10 minutes walk to the main square and cathedral it is a perfect base for a few days of city exploration.


Being someone who struggles with her sleep at the best of times, I always worry about staying in cities with all their nocturnal noises. Yet I awoke on our second day in Strasbourg having slept through the night (yep, just like a baby) and couldn’t help but do a little jig around the room in celebration. Although perhaps that was just the sugar still having a field day after the enormous macaroon I’d eaten the night before!

The hotel has 34 Standard and Deluxe rooms, 2 Executive Suites and one Master Suite, and I have to say I would have been happy in any of them! Even the standard rooms, although quite cosy, were light-heartedly tasteful and comfortable.

Deluxe Room at Hotel D Strasbourg
My favourite colours in a Deluxe Room at Hotel D Strasbourg

We stayed in one of the Executive Suites and with it’s quirky rooftop angles, far reaching views over the city skyline and stylish décor it was definitely our kind of place. I loved gazing at the stars through the roof windows at night and all the special touches like an automatic wardrobe light that came on when you open the door. It’s the little things that make me happy!

Executive Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg
Home suite home – our Executive Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg

You all know by now that I’m a sucker for a decent bathroom, and Hotel D certainly didn’t disappoint in this respect. Not only did we have matching his and hers sinks, a colossal bath for post-city walking soaks and a separate shower, we also had more great city views to contemplate whilst brushing our teeth! The only thing that baffled me a little was the television speakers in the bathroom. Quite why I’d want to hear the script for the latest drama whilst sitting on the toilet and not being able to see the picture is bit beyond me, and personally I would have liked to be able to turn it off. Each to their own I guess.

Up there with the best bathrooms ever - his and hers sinks in our rooftop Executive Suite at Hotel D
Up there with the best bathrooms ever – his and hers sinks in our rooftop Executive Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg

Although the Master Suite is the cream of the crop and quite colossal in size, we actually felt our Executive Suite had more character and charm, being high up in the roof space. Our room also had better views and was possibly quieter being further away and higher up than other rooms.

Master Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg
The huge Master Suite at Hotel D Strasbourg


Continental breakfasts are my favourite sort of start to the day, so where better to experience one than on the continent! I’m a cold meats and cheese kind of girl, with perhaps some eggs if I have room. Hubbie on the other hand loves his fresh fruit, yogurts and pastries. We were both happy with our morning feast at Hotel D, and I even tried some Munster cheese (delicious!) with honey thanks to a suggestion from the breakfast lady. The jury is still out on that combination but it’s great to experience new local tastes.

Breakfast at Hotel D Strasbourg
Sumptuous breakfast spread at Hotel D Strasbourg

The hotel doesn’t offer evening meals, but with so many restaurants to choose from in the city this is no hardship.


I’m often a proponent of switching off during holidays, but travel bloggers don’t really have that luxury so it was refreshing to have wi-fi available throughout the hotel that actually worked at a decent speed for those times when I did need to work. I actually love a bit of laptop time on our travels, it means I get to use more of the room facilities, and the desk in our suite came with ample room for a box of cake from a local deli. Brain food!

The fitness studio at Hotel D Strasbourg
The fitness studio at Hotel D Strasbourg

Whilst I was stuffing my face (sorry, ‘working’) hubbie was putting the fitness centre though it’s paces, and loved the fact that there were free apples for afterwards. There’s also a sauna, relaxation room with heated loungers and massages available by request if you really want to chill out. Despite him being out of his natural environment, I’ve never seen hubbie so relaxed in a city before!


All the hotel staff were super friendly and nothing was too much trouble, whether it was suggestions for a walking route to take in certain attractions or recommendations for the best patisseries. We were thankfully also able to leave our luggage at reception as we arrived really early on our first day. Suitcases and cobbles don’t mix!

Lounge at Hotel D Strasbourg
Lounge at Hotel D Strasbourg


  • The Executive Suites are on the top floor which is not accessible by elevator. You take the lift to the penultimate floor then there is one flight of stairs to climb.
  • Our Suite was room 501 and had a better view over the city rooftops than the other executive suite.

Thanks to the lovely folks at Hotel D for our complimentary stay. All words and opinions are, as always, my own.

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  1. says: Stephen Adams

    Heather, I really liked the photo of the stairs, because warm colors really help me get in a happy mood. I have a red coffee table at home. I appreciate hotels that take the extra effort to make a nice atmosphere. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable when I travel.

  2. says: Milosz Zak

    I just shared this with my Dad. We’re trying to renovate a loft in Wroclaw, and the setup is very similar. Those bathroom solutions are great too.

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Ha ha, love it! You could do far worse than having a loft like this! Good luck with the rennovation 🙂

  3. says: Terumi

    We stayed in Strasbourg last year and it was such a neat city to visit! I love the looks of this hotel. It looks great!