Tips for backpacking around New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Have you booked a few trips for 2019 already? If not, then you might have started to see where you can fit a few in throughout the year. If you need another idea for a travelling adventure, then how about backpacking around New Zealand?

New Zealand is a truly exciting country that is easy enough to travel around. In fact, many tourists choose to see it this way each year. It’s easy to get around and you should find that you can see a large amount of country quite cheaply. Just remember these next few tips for a fantastic experience.

Apply For A Working Holiday Visa

First of all, you need to make sure that you are allowed to be in New Zealand. The country has some very strict immigration laws that you will need to comply with even if you are only visiting temporarily. Getting a working holiday visa allows you to be in New Zealand for up to twelve months and you will also be able to work and earn a bit of extra money during that time too.

Research Cheap Accommodation

When you are backpacking around the country, you will need to stay in a few different places. This could work out being quite expensive if you stick to hotels, but you will find that you can keep the overall cost down if you try to stick to hostels. The Absoloot Value Backpacker Accommodation is one option you have in Queenstown, and you should be able to find similar hostels around the whole of New Zealand. Airbnb rooms are also reasonably priced in New Zealand as well.

Travel During The Off Season

Try to avoid visiting New Zealand during its summer season, which is between October and March. This is when a lot of tourists will be travelling around the two islands. As a result, travel and accommodation prices will be slightly inflated. The cheapest time to visit the country is between April and September. Thankfully, the weather shouldn’t be too bad during this time.

Go From South to North

When you are planning your whole trip, it’s a good idea to consider travelling from the tip of the southern island up to the top of the northern island. Not only will you find that there are more travel deals when you are going in this direction, but you will also find that it’s an easy way to avoid the crowds too. That’s because most people will be going in the opposite direction to you.

Be Careful If You Buy A Car

Most people buy a cheap second-hand car to use during their time in New Zealand. This is a cheap way to get around and will give you a lot of independence compared to relying on public transport. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of scammers that target tourists. If you use your common sense, then you shouldn’t get caught out!

Have a great time in this brilliant country!

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