Tips for Planning a Summer Road Trip

Road trip

A road trip can make for an exciting adventure during summer, no matter where you are in the world. It’ll provide a chance to explore the country, unearth hidden gems, and enjoy the experience of the open road. A good road trip should leave room for spontaneity – and a little bit of planning can help to ensure that the trip lives up to expectations.

But what exactly should this plan consist of? Let’s take a look at a few essential steps.

Wild Morocco Tour at Ouirgane Reservoir, Tizi N Test, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Start with a budget

A road trip can be a tremendously affordable form of holiday. But it’s still important to take budgeting seriously. Think about how much you’re going to be spending on fuel and other ongoing expenses. Factor in accommodation, food and entertainment – then leave yourself a little bit extra in case an opportunity arises. If you spot a roadside activity or event you’d like to enjoy, then you should have a reasonable amount of spare cash to make it happen.

Ideally, your budget should be composed in collaboration with the other people you’ll be sharing the car with. That way, no one will feel pressured to spend over the odds, and everyone’s priorities will be addressed.

Prep the car

If the car fails or performs poorly, then your road trip might be put in serious jeopardy. Check all of your tyres, ensuring that they are adequately inflated and remember to ensure that all your fluids are topped up, perhaps with a spare container of screen wash in the boot in case you need extra along the way.

If possible, it’s often a good idea to time the annual service so that it takes place shortly before you hit the road. Check you’re covered by car insurance, too — and look carefully at what kind of coverage you have, especially if you’re heading overseas or crossing borders.

Plan the drive

Car hire and driving abroad

If you have the route mapped out, then you’ll find the experience of travel much less stressful. By mentally rehearsing the trip, and memorising the relevant junctions, you’ll suffer less stress (and fewer arguments) when you actually come to make a turn. Given that summer can be a hectic time to travel, you might plan a route that avoids many of the busier roads, and that affords you a chance to enjoy some amazing scenery.

It’s worth also deciding how the driving duties will be shared. This goes especially if the road trip will last more than a day. Make sure that you swap every two hours, and that you give yourself a short break, too.

Book your stops

Booking in advance is critical, particularly if you’re going to be travelling to a popular place during peak season. Make a list of restaurants, activities, and hotels, and book as early as possible. This way, you’ll stand the best chance of getting that spot. What’s more, you’ll give yourself the time you need to arrange alternatives, in cases where you can’t get the spot.

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