Top 5 Unspoiled Destinations to Visit this Year

Predjama Castle, cave castle, Postojna, Slovenia

Part of the attraction of going on holiday is not just getting away from your everyday life, work, and home, but taking a break from people too. While some people find comfort in being surrounded by tourists, going to the ‘English pubs’ and having good old English food while they’re travelling, to others, it is just home with the sun shining. Every year, some little-known place which was once unspoiled, tourist-free, cheap and beautiful becomes known to the masses and is all of a sudden overrun with tourists. If you’d like to see some hidden gems before everyone else gets wind of them, then take a look at our top five unspoiled destinations this year:


It might not be the obvious choice but Montenegro has some beautiful hidden, untapped spots that you can really escape to. Zabojsko Lake is beautiful and you can either get there by using a terrain vehicle, or if you fancy a more interesting journey, then go on foot. Ada Bojana, is another area of Montenegro, it is a sandy island formed at the confluence of the river Bojana which was formed by a sinking ship (according to the local stories). Then, have you heard of Perast, it is a charming little old town on the on the Boka Bay which is very near to Kotor.

Douro Valley, Portugal

The uncrowded Douro Valley is the place to come for peace, and beauty. The vineyards here are just stunning, and one of the most popular things to do in this area is indulge in a bit of wine tasting. Have a look at the best wineries in the Douro Valley to get an idea of what is on offer. There are several different tours, including one where you can blend your own wine. Or you can just drink it of course. 


Due to government policy, the Kingdom of Bhutan in South Asia has been cut off from the world until very recently. Because of this, it has meant that tourism to the kingdom as has been controlled and therefore both the way of life and the environment has been preserved. If you fancy trekking in Bhutan, then if you go there now it is  as if you were in Nepal about 40 years, you’ll likely have the pristine mountains all to yourself. Check out for more information.


A beautiful hidden gem between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia holds 46km of coastline! If you like Mediterranean beaches but hate the crowds, then this is definitely for you. The capital Ljubljana is a fascinating historical city to visit and it’s here where you’ll find some really great outdoor dining options. Then there’s Lake Bled, and Predjama, the castle in the cave, neither of which should be missed. Be quick though, tourism in Slovenia is on the rise, so if you leave it too late everyone will know about it and those beaches will be crowded by the time you get there.

Yen Duc, Vietnam

A real Vietnamese village with only a few tourists during the day and none in the evening. There are only two houses in the village where tourists can stay. You can get around the village by bicycle or by foot, try rice making, catching fish by hand, and visiting the oldest house in the village.

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