The White Tower of Taymouth Castle – a luxury Scottish wilderness retreat

The White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
The White Tower of Taymouth Castle

The sky burned molten red as the last remnants of day finally gave way to night above the White Tower of Taymouth Castle in Scotland. Almost reluctantly the sun disappeared behind the dark peaks, leaving a perfect trail of fire in it’s wake. I half expected a dragon to come winging its way across the loch, leaving his mountain lair to go hunting for a spot of supper. Instead the nimble flap of much smaller wings heralded the arrival of something rather less fantastical.

Bats. Dozens of them.

Sunset over Loch Tay, Scotland, from the White Tower of Taymouth Castle luxury Highland retreat
Here be dragons? Sunset over Loch Tay from the White Tower

A lone snowflake fluttered across my cheek, reminding me that it was in fact the dead of winter, and I was standing on a castle rooftop in nothing more than my bikini. As you do. Yet to truly appreciate the steaming hot tub, glass of Malbec and roaring log fire that were waiting for me, I wanted to first feel the icy grip of the Scottish Highlands on my skin.

I wanted to feel alive.

That desire turned out to be fleeting. My toes were already numb, and I realised that Hubbie would devour the last of our Scottish shortbread along with the bottle of red if I didn’t get a move on. Jumping into the bubbles not quite as elegantly as I would have liked, I hoped Hubbie hadn’t noticed the ensuing cascade of water that drenched his nearby slippers. Luckily he was too absorbed in the enchantment that was going on up above.

Stars. Millions of them. And they were all ours.

Star trails over the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, Scotland, a luxury wilderness retreat in the Highlands
Star trails over the White Tower of Taymouth Castle

The White Tower of Taymouth Castle

We were hibernating for a few days in a remote Scottish castle with our partner Host Unusual, a wonderfully imaginative new company specialising in quirky luxury retreats around the UK. Although their properties include lighthouses, churches, and even private islands, it was a castle that I had my eye on.

One that came with a flagpole, a hot tub and a view.

A frosty morning at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle luxury Scottish wilderness retreat, Scotland

Roof top hot tub at the luxury retreat White Tower of Taymouth Castle, Scotland

The White Tower of Taymouth Castle perches loftily on a sunny knoll overlooking the Tay Valley, with Loch Tay shimmering innocently far below. Built in the 16th Century, it was originally the lookout tower for Taymouth Castle, having a perfect location for spotting potential marauders from miles away.

View of Taymouth Castle from luxury Scottish retreat The White Tower
View of Taymouth Castle from the White Tower

Royal seal of approval

Fair maidens may not have actually graced these parapets, but Queen Victoria has! And if it’s good enough for her…

In 1842 she stayed at Taymouth Castle with Prince Albert during their honeymoon, and it is believed they retreated to the White Tower for a bit of privacy. I can’t say I blame them, it’s so gloriously romantic up here. In fact a nosy through the visitors book revealed that 3 out of the previous 5 guests actually got engaged here on the rooftop of the White Tower. I reassured Hubbie that his Mayan temple proposal in Guatemala 10 years ago still hit the spot, but it’s easy to see why this place is the beginning of so many happily-ever-afters.

View from the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Perfect place for proposals, and not a bad view from the roof!

A luxury Scottish wilderness retreat

Taymouth castle was home to the Dukes of Breadalbane until 1922 when the 450,000 acre estate was split up into smaller holdings. The White Tower was subsequently used by local ghillies as a hunting lodge, before local architect Eric McKenzie Strickland and his wife Naomi breathed a new lease of life into the dilapidated building.

Today, the White Tower is dripping with luxury drapes, Gothic opulence, and unbridled romanticism. It’s the sort of place Rapunzel would have enjoyed. Only my recent hair cut and lack of knight on a white charger could persuade me that I hadn’t stepped into my very own fairytale.

The master suite in the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Queen Heather! Maybe Queen Victoria sat at this very window dreaming of her prince?

Location of the White Tower

Despite being tucked away high up in a Scottish glen, the White Tower is remarkably easy to reach. Only a couple of hours north of Edinburgh, and a few miles from the conservation village of Kenmore on the shores of Loch Tay, it lies at the end of an enchanting forest track. One that is accessible by car. Hubbie’s trusty silver steed managed without any trouble, although during heavy snow a 4×4 would be advisable.

The forest track leading to the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
The forest track leading to the White Tower

Inside the White Tower

We knew this stay was going to be superb, but we didn’t realise quite how superb until we arrived. Let’s just say the first half hour was spent running up and down the tower in giddy excitement, and it was as much as we could do to stop ourselves from jumping on the beds. This place was spectacular in every way.

Folks, if you ever fancy a stay in a fairytale castle, then this is it!

I hadn’t planned on spending much time in the kitchen. For us, self catering holidays usually mean quick and easy meals, and lots of eating out. Yet the gleaming marble worktops, comfy tweed chairs and views out across the valley had us dining in every night!

There was even a bottle of the famous local Dewar’s whisky, thoughtfully left for our pleasure. We first discovered an amateur appreciation for whisky on a stay over at Loch Awe a couple of years ago, and eagerly polished off a hearty dram or two each evening, all in the name of research.

When in Scotland and all that!

Dewars whisky at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
An after dinner tipple – the local whisky went down a treat
Dinner at The White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Dinner at The White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

We visited the White Tower in January, so it was bitter outside, even in the sun. But that’s okay. I always say that Scotland is the perfect winter destination, full of cosy luxury boltholes to snuggle up in. In fact we nearly always come to Scotland in the dark months, she’s just so beautiful with her snow capped peaks and glowing sunsets. The light is always better at this time of year for photography too.

What’s not to love!?

Sunset over the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Another glorious sunset over the Tay Valley

Besides, who cares if it’s chilly when you have a hot tub AND a sauna?

I loved the little note suggesting we pick fresh lavender from the gardens to place in the sauna for a bit of aromatherapy. These experiences are so much better when all the senses are involved, and lavender makes a lovely change to the standard eucalyptus and pine.

The sauna at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Room for 2 in the White Tower sauna

Of course the rooftop hot tub is the jewel in the crown, and I’d be lying if I said we didn’t come away from our stay at the White Tower looking like prunes!

This really is the life!

Roof top hot tub at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
We spent more time up here than anywhere else!

In the evenings, with our necks aching from trying to spot shooting stars from our hot tub perch (we did spy several satellites, do they count?), it was time to head down the wonderfully quirky spiral stairs and get cosy in the lounge.

Fun fact. Did you know that spiral staircases in British castle towers were nearly always built ascending clockwise to favour a right-armed defender? It meant he could easily swing a sword against an enemy below, whilst the attacker would be at a disadvantage (unless he was left handed!).

Spiral stairs in the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Right handed attackers, beware!

Luckily there were no sieges or invasions during our stay.

There is a huge TV for those who can’t quite let go of the outside world, but in the evenings we opted for games and conversation (and a bit more of that whisky) by the fire. It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed a few days without the distractions of screens in various forms, so it was rather rejuvenating to simply lounge around playing a few rounds of cards.

Even if rummy is the only game we actually know!

The lounge at The White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

The lounge at The White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

I loved the cushions, throws and cute little foot stools that brought a splash of colour to the room. A bold yet tasteful nod to the traditional Scottish tartan.

Tartan throws in the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

I had unashamedly brought along my own tartan slippers for the occasion (it was either those, or ones sporting fluffy pompoms which Hubbie refused to let me take). What do you think, too much tartan?

Tartan throws in the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

We didn’t actually need slippers. The carpets here are so thick and soft that you sink into them up to your ankles. Well, almost. It’s the quality as well as the design that really stands out here.

There’s no internet at the White Tower. And that’s a good thing. I guess a stay here in the Scottish wilderness is what people these days would call a ‘digital detox’, but such newfangled labels aren’t necessary. It’s simply a luxurious bolthole in which to unwind, relax, and refresh.

Which is why I found myself on the first floor landing in the quirky little library reading Jane Eyre. Or was it The Beginners Guide to Lawn Propagation. I can’t quite remember, there was a rather eclectic mix of books to choose from. Typically the one volume Hubbie picked up happened to be the most risqué of the lot. Or at least it would have been in the 19th Century. Lots of overly elaborate descriptions about voluptuous mounds and gleaming valleys.

Hmmm. Think I’ll stick to learning about the various characteristics of turf grass.

The library at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

The library at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

And so to the bit you’ve all been waiting for. The bed chambers (or ‘bedrooms’ to those not versed in luxury castle lingo). Perhaps as expected, given the tastefully elegant interiors of the rest of the White Tower, these spaces are just as lavish.

Even the second guest bedroom, which is on the first floor landing and smaller than the master suite, is nothing short of sexy.

The second bedroom at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
The second guest bedroom

Yet it’s the room at the very top that really sets those hearts a flutter.

The main suite is every little girls dream, and the fully grown man in his mid 30’s was pretty impressed too! Full of gold trimmings, antique furniture and bed throw fluffiness, it’s the perfect crash pad after a hard day exploring. It is quite a hike up from the kitchen, so don’t forget to take up anything you need overnight.

Alternatively, just get your prince to ‘pop’ back down for it if necessary!

Luckily there is a tea tray (and biscuits!) up there, so you don’t have to scamper all the way down to the kitchen for that night time cup of cocoa, or morning coffee.

The master suite at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

The master suite at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

The roof terrace is accessed by spiral stairs winding up from the master bedroom. Perfect for an early morning dip in the hot tub for those who can bring themselves to crawl out of the silky pile of cosiness down below. Hubbie said the sunrise was spectacular.

I told him so was my sleep!

The master suite at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat

Both bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, although the one for the master bedroom is tucked away down a short flight of stairs. Which isn’t a problem. Especially since it has a Victorian roll top bath and one of the best views from a loo we’ve ever enjoyed.


Take a closer look…

Out and About – Things to do around Loch Tay

We had big plans for exploring the local area. A bit of hiking in the hills, kayaking on Loch Tay, and sampling some of the local eateries. Yet we just couldn’t bring ourselves to to leave our private castle heaven, and ended up spending most of our days roaming the hills and woods belonging to the White Tower, luxuriating in the hot tub and snuggling up next to the fire.


For those inclined to venture out the area around Loch Tay is beautiful, and you could easily spend a week exploring here in the Highlands:

The Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland

What we loved

A private castle, in a beautiful valley, with a roof top hot tub…what’s not to love? Staying in castles is one of our favourite pastimes. I used to live in one, Hubbie and I were married in one, and we never pass up the opportunity to holiday in one. Yet usually these castles come with a full compliment of staff, and of course other guests. Castle hotels provide some of the best accommodation around, but they do lack exclusivity.

This however wasn’t a problem at the White Tower. The only visitors we had during our stay were a few inquisitive deer and the odd pheasant, and it was all the more relaxing for having the place to ourselves.

Deer at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Deer often came to visit, we saw this one from the kitchen window

What wasn’t so great

We were a little bemused at the absence of kindling or paper to get the log fire started in the lounge. Instead, there were just huge chunks of wood and a heap of firelighters. A search of the woodshed yielded very little in the way of small dry twigs, and we weren’t sure if it was an oversight or simply the way things are done up here. Maybe the hardy Scots are able to start a fire using nothing but thick logs and their bare hands, but us ‘southerners’ struggled somewhat. Luckily the heating in the White Tower works a treat, so it was cosy even without the comforting roar of the flames.

The Verdict

We truly loved staying at the White Tower.

It’s the sort of place where couples and lovers can hide away together in sumptuous comfort, and remind themselves why they fell in love in the first place. Yes, it’s a great spot for romantic proposals, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about sharing solace, seclusion and secrets, and forgetting about the outside world if only for a few days. Something we all need to do now and then. The White Tower is a haven that rejuvenates old relationships and kindles new ones, and proves to guests that magic does exist, you just have to let it in!

Lounge at the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Happiness is…a Scottish retreat called the White Tower

Tips for staying at the White Tower

  • Leave a pair of outdoor shoes up in the master suite so you can walk outside on the roof terrace – it’s a bit cold in winter for slippers up there, and a long way down to the ground floor if you’ve forgotten them.
  • The White Tower is self catering so do your grocery shopping before you arrive.
  • Supplies are available in nearby Kenmore, and there are a selection of restaurants and cafes nearby for when you don’t want to cook.
  • Take wellies or hiking boots to explore the grounds, it can be a bit boggy after a lot of rain.
  • Check if kindling is available, and take your own if not.
  • Bathrobes and hotel slippers are supplied.
  • They have L’Occitane en Provence toiletries, including hair conditioner!
On the roof of the White Tower of Taymouth Castle, luxury Scotland self catering retreat
Hubbie’s favourite spot!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Host Unusual and The White Tower for hosting us during our stay. As always, opinions are our own, and we only accept complimentary stays at places we’d have been happy to pay for ourselves.

Image of Hot Box lochside sauna – source: Taymouth Marina

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The White Tower of Taymouth Castle in Scotland

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  1. says: Connie

    I’m SO excited that my hubby booked us for 3 nights here in May, 2019! Thank you so much for your blog to showcase this beautiful getaway. Coming from Canada, I’ve never been to such a place and… well, WOW! I can imagine us staying in – a LOT. What do you suggest we pick up for provisions for a truly Scottish experience – with minimal cooking? I just found out yesterday where we’re staying and I feel completely giddy!!!

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Wow, what a lovely surprise, that’s one cool hubby you have! It’ll be beautiful up there in may, I’m sure you’re going to love it, certainly one of the most amazing places we’ve ever stayed. And yes, it’s the sort of place you feel like staying in rather than going out (but do explore the area, it’s stunning). For food, the best thing to do is raid the local shops (you’ll be sent some local info for ideas). We ate out a lot because there are so many lovely places to try. You should try haggis (sounds disgusting but tastes delicious), neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes), porridge for breakfast, shortbread, some of their many local whiskys, Crannachan, Scottish tablet…When we did eat in we tended to do one pot simple dinners so we could just leave it to slowly cook. So cosy in that kitchen. Have a FABULOUS time and do let us know what you think!

  2. says: Lyn

    Wow, this looks amazing. I just love the sunset over the loch and the bed in the main suite looks super comfy. I would love to see the star trails, just breathtaking. How romantic, just the two of you… and a million stars!

  3. says: Jessica Evans

    OMG (lifts jaw off floor), this place is so cool. You guys always find the most amazing places to stay, how do you find them? We’re doing Scotland next year, looks like LochTay needs to be one of our stops. Beautiful photos by the way.

  4. says: Juliette

    Oh I feel giddy just reading this! My, what a gorgeous place to stay and so unique too! I’d be like a prune too with that rooftop hot tub! This is the kind of place I would definitely want to spend at least a week at! Great writing.

  5. says: Lauren

    Yes!!!!! Scotland is on my list to see because I’ve heard it’s so beautiful. I stayed in a castle in Wales and now I’ll have to add this one to my list. Do you need to rent a car in order to get here?

    1. says: Kenneth

      Yes a car is needed as the Tower is up a track with no public transport nearby.
      It is secluded but only a couple of miles from Kenmore which has two good restaurants,The Waterfront and Taymouth Marina.
      It really is special!.

    2. says: Heather Cole

      A Welsh castle sounds fun too, not yet done that. And as Kenneth says (thanks Kenneth!), yes, you do need a car. Scotland is much better seen self driving (unless you’re on an organised tour), definitely one of the world’s great road trip destinations.

  6. says: Corinne

    This looks like such a perfect place to relax for a weekend. Tell me the truth? Did you go full digital detox as well as using that hot tub? LOL…love this place.

    1. says: Heather Cole

      We may have possibly have used mobile internet a couple of times (only coz we wanted to show you guys how amazing it was!), but lets just keep that between you and me 😉

  7. says: Elisa

    Oh la la, Heather you know how to treat yourself well! A little bit different from the Scottish castles I’ve seen so far but really beautiful, with a gorgeous location. If there is a hot bath, Scottish whisky and Occitaine products then it is sold already. Do you know if you have to book a lot in advance? Thanks

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Scottish castles are wonderful aren’t they, and we do love the bigger hotel ones, but having this place all to ourselves was in a league all of it’s own. The Tower is popular but there’s still plenty of availability on their website (link below)…if you want a specific summer week/weekend it’s probably advisable to book a fair way in advance.

  8. says: stacey veikalas

    WOWOW I would love to stay here – without my kids of course LOL This really looks amazing and I always love a kitchen a great way for a romantic night in. That hot tub is awesome – they whole places really looks magical – I am adding this to our bucket list for sure!

  9. What a wonderful narrative this is. You have such a powerful command over your expression. You transport the reader along with you, as you weave your story. Oh, and the star trails are breathtaking.