Car faults that can’t be ignored when preparing for a road trip

Car breakdown on a road trip

Some car breakdowns are not critical and allow you to drive the car, while others, on the contrary, require immediate attention.

Of course, car repair is not the most pleasant procedure, and many car owners delay it like visiting the dentist. However, there are a number of car repairs that are better to fix on time. If something confuses you about the operation of your car, then it is better to contact the service centre as soon as possible. Specialists will carry out car scanning and diagnostics. Thus, they will be able to determine whether your vehicle needs car detailing or car electrical repair.

Braking System

It’s no secret that the braking system of a car must always be in good working condition, especially when you’re going on a long road trip. Although a slight leak of brake fluid from the line or a drop in pressure in the system allows you to operate the car for some time, it is impossible to predict when this leak will develop into a critical one or when the liquid will simply leave the system. The consequences of such a nuisance can be terrible.

Any malfunctions of the braking system, whether it is air in the line, damage to seals or hoses, breakdown of the booster, or jamming of actuators, require prompt elimination.


Malfunctions of the steering system (breakdown of the hydraulic or electric booster, steering rack, or individual components) are also critical elements, since they directly affect traffic safety. At the slightest suspicion of a steering problem, it is better to call a car repairing service for a diagnosis. Most likely, the wizard will not find anything terrible, but it is better to solve any problem right away because it is both easier and cheaper.

Checking car oil for a road trip
Always check your vehicle is safe before heading out on the road


Motorists, as a rule, are in no hurry to eliminate problems with the chassis. They think that they can operate a car. But it’s not so simple. For example, a noisy hub bearing during movement can become very hot and expand, which sooner or later leads to jamming of the hub assembly and blocking the wheel.

As a result, the driver will lose control and, at best, fly off the road. It is impossible to predict this moment in advance, but it is possible and necessary to do car scanning and diagnostics and repair it in time. The same rule applies to other components such as shock absorbers, springs, levers, and silent blocks.

Cooling System

Any malfunction of the engine cooling system, in most cases, leads to a complete failure of the engine, costly repairs, or replacement of the assembly. It is worth noting that with a slight coolant leak, you can still continue driving, maintaining the level of antifreeze within normal limits.

But malfunctions like a non-working thermostat or a cooling fan simply leave no chance of getting to the nearest auto repair centre on their own, since the internal combustion engine will overheat and the repair will be provided.

One of the best services in this matter are Dubai companies, because it is vital for them to keep cars cool due to the extremely hot climate. So if you travel by car across the Emirates, rest assured that you can easily find a spot for car ac repair in Dubai or replace the engine cooling unit.

Road trip
Checking your car gives you peace of mind on a road trip

Fuel System

Any leak in the fuel system is critical for road safety, so mechanical damage to pipelines and connections must be repaired immediately. Indeed, in a car, there are a lot of structural parts that are very hot when driving (for example, the exhaust system), and getting even a small amount of fuel on them can lead to a fire.

Faulty Wipers

During operation, under the influence of sunlight and non-freezing liquid, they are erased and lose their elasticity. Regular replacement of the wiper blades and inspection of the electric drive system provide additional safety and guarantee the integrity of the windshield surface. If the wipers run slower when driving at high speed, you need to fix the problem in the drive circuit.

Checking tyres before a car road trip
Make sure your tires are legal and safe

Worn Tires

With a reduced tread depth, the wheels lose their ability to “hold the road”. Such a car is more dangerous in corners, the braking distance is much longer. Manoeuvres even on dry roads are difficult for the car, it is easy to break it into a skid. A wheel on thin rubber can simply burst, and it’s good if this happens at low speed. You should watch out for special rubber grooves in the tread of any tire. If the wear has reached them, then it’s time to take the iron friend to the car workshop and change the wheels.

Summing up, we can conclude that almost any car malfunction can lead to the failure of mating parts, make your movement unsafe, and make repairs expensive. If you save on fixing a defect right away, you will probably spend a larger amount of money later.

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