Why Wales is the Perfect Destination for a Relaxing Holiday

Ruined castle walls surrounding a green lawn area and the sea in the distance

Stress is a common feeling among people in today’s world. Whether we’re stressed at work or stressed at home, it can feel like there is no escape. But escape is close at hand, with the summer – and holiday season – just about arrived. Escape is also geographically closer than you may think, with the unassuming country of Wales being one of the best places on the planet to relax. But why?

The Landscapes

Wales is undoubtedly a beautiful country, through and through. Whether you are exploring the vast geological formations of the Pembroke coast, or gazing out over the vast untamed wilds of Snowdonia (now renamed Eryri National Park), there is always something special to find and to feel.

Beautiful Snowdonia in Wales
The stunning landscapes of Wales

Indeed, the latter is one of Wales’ greatest natural draws. Eryri National Park is a sprawling wilderness, defined by the sublime mountain at its centre. There is so much here to fall in love with here, and with static caravans for sale in North Wales year-round, there are options aplenty for making this a home away from home, and for losing yourself in this stunning landscape time and time again.

The Mythology

Wales’ natural landscape is also the setting for some of the great folk tales and myths of the United Kingdom. Ancient myths and legends flavour the towns and villages that punctuate the country’s spine, with Arthurian tales of knights and castles sitting side-by-side with lore describing the shape of the hills.

Snowdonia National Park
Snowdonia is a place of myth and legend

One of Wales’ better-known legends is that of Gelert, the wolfhound of Prince Llywelyn; its tragic end draws tourists from all over to visit Gelert’s grave in Beddgelert. Apocryphal as the story may be, it is one that resonates deeply – and one with a beautiful monument to go along with it.

The Activities

Wales is practically a playground for activities – something that will appeal to the more active holidaymakers out there. For one, its national parks and roads form a network of popular mountain biking routes, enabling cyclists to enjoy Wales from some rare and privileged places in the woods. It’s a popular place for hiking too, with many visitors hiking up Mount Snowdon for the sweeping panoramic views from the summit.

Beach cover will hill top in background and sea to the left
The hidden cove at Mwnt in Wales

The coast of Wales is also perfect for surfing, and attracts water-sports folk from across the world all year round. The beaches are sublime too, and just the thing for strolls, sandcastle building and painting. From hiking to biking and beyond, Wales never fails to provide.

The Food and Drink

Wales is perhaps not known internationally for its food and drink, but this is simply because its fantastic delicacies are some of Britain’s best-kept secrets. Most will know Wales for its rarebit, but there is also an incredibly rich seam of traditional dishes and artisanal drinks to discover.

Welsh seafood is above and beyond, and the north coast is home to some incredible restaurants doing unbelievable things with local catches. Wales is also host to some of Britain’s best distilleries, including the Aber Falls whisky and gin distillery – the reputation of which precedes it. Whether pub grub or fine dining, Wales is always there with a pleasant surprise!

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