Fun and Easy Ways to Get Kids Outside in Fredericksburg


Getting kids outside to play and explore isn’t just about burning off extra energy—it’s crucial for their physical development, mental health, and fostering a lifelong connection with nature. In a world increasingly dominated by screens, finding simple and enjoyable ways to engage children in outdoor activities can sometimes be a challenge.

However, with a bit of creativity and planning, parents can easily transform the great outdoors into a captivating playground. This article explores various fun and easy strategies to encourage children to step outside and enjoy nature, mainly focusing on the scenic options available in Fredericksburg.

Discover Local Parks and Nature Trails

Fredericksburg is home to numerous parks and nature trails that serve as perfect settings for children to explore the outdoors. Parks offer wide, safe spaces where kids can run, play, and even engage in structured activities like soccer or frisbee.

Exploring nature trails, on the other hand, can be an educational experience where families can learn about local wildlife and plants. For instance, Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park provides a sprawling area with ample room for sports and a playground designed to cater to children of all ages.

When introducing kids to nature trails, turn the walk into a mini-adventure. You might create a simple scavenger hunt with a list of items to find, such as a specific type of leaf, a rock with a peculiar shape, or wildlife like squirrels and birds.

This activity not only makes the hike more engaging but also helps children develop observational skills and a greater appreciation for their natural surroundings. Additionally, participating in these activities as a family can strengthen bonds, ensuring that kids associate outdoor time with positive family memories.

Children playing frisbee

Planning a Family Outing at Wildseed Farms

Exploring Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg is a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty of nature. This expansive 200-acre farm provides plenty of room to roam and discover with family and friends. Each part of the farm features breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country and offers a range of activities for everyone in your group.

This beautiful location combines natural scenery with fun, interactive experiences, making it a perfect spot for families seeking quality outdoor time together. The farm is not only a place to admire the beauty of nature but also an educational opportunity to learn about local flora and fauna.

You’ll also find a half-mile walking trail adorned with vibrant wildflowers that are truly captivating. Be sure to visit the various buildings across the farm to uncover all they have to offer. This exploration can lead to unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Additionally, the farm hosts seasonal events and workshops that provide further opportunities for family engagement and learning. It’s an ideal destination to connect with nature and each other in a meaningful way.

Engage in Water Play

Fredericksburg’s warm climate for most of the year offers the perfect opportunity to engage in water play, which is a thrilling way for kids to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether it’s running through sprinklers in the backyard, visiting a local splash pad, or spending the day at a community pool like the Town Pool on West Travis Street, water play can be both refreshing and exhilarating for children.

Incorporating water balloons, squirt guns, or even simple containers for pouring and splashing can turn a regular afternoon into an aquatic adventure.

Always remember safety first—supervise young children around water and ensure that all play areas are slip-proof to avoid accidents. Additionally, playing with water offers a sensory experience that is beneficial for young children’s development, helping them understand different textures and temperatures.

Organise a Nature-Based Treasure Hunt

A nature-based treasure hunt is a fantastic way to turn the outdoors into a mysterious and exciting world. Fredericksburg’s abundant natural settings and parks provide the perfect venues for such an adventure.

Parents can create maps, write clues, and hide tiny treasures for kids to find. These could range from natural items like unique stones or pinecones to small toys or trinkets.

For example, arranging a treasure hunt in the vast spaces of the Fredericksburg Nature Center can add an educational twist, teaching children about the local flora and fauna as they search for their next clue.

This not only makes the physical activity more enjoyable but also stimulates cognitive skills as children solve riddles and follow maps.

Wild flowers

Embrace Backyard Camping Adventures

Transforming your backyard into a camping site is a creative and accessible way to introduce children to the joys of the outdoors. Backyard camping provides the thrill of a camping experience with the convenience and safety of being at home.

It’s a fantastic way to foster a love for the outdoors without the need to travel far, making it especially suitable for younger children who might not be ready for a night in the wilderness.

To start, encourage the children to help set up the tent, which teaches them basic camping skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment. You can make the setup more engaging by allowing them to bring some favourite toys and games to play inside the tent.

Once the campsite is ready, there are numerous activities to keep everyone entertained, such as storytelling, stargazing using simple apps to identify constellations, and even enjoying a campfire if space and safety allow.

Portable fire pits can serve to roast marshmallows or hot dogs, providing an authentic camping experience.


Encouraging children to step outside and engage with nature doesn’t have to be complicated. With the myriad of parks, trails, and natural beauty that Fredericksburg has to offer, there are endless possibilities to make outdoor time exciting and memorable for kids.

From exploring local parks to exploring places like Wildseed Farms, splashing around in the water, and embarking on treasure hunts, each activity offers unique benefits and joys.

By regularly incorporating these fun and easy outdoor activities, parents can ensure their children grow up with a healthy appreciation for and connection to the natural world.

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