A Stay at Roça Sundy on Príncipe – Boutique Plantation Hotel Review

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Roça Sundy is a unique and unusual place to stay on Príncipe, a tiny island in the Gulf of Guinea just north of São Tomé, its sister in this tropical archipelago. There are several beach resorts on Príncipe, but to really experience a slice of the incredible heritage here, you should spend at least a couple of nights in a restored plantation house. 

We spent two nights at the Roça Sundy hotel as part of a longer tour of the islands, and felt it contrasted beautifully with a few days at the beach. Here’s our review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe to help plan your own holiday.

Introducing Roça Sundy – Staying on a Plantation on Príncipe

Hidden away on the remote tropical island of Príncipe, Roça Sundy is a restored plantation house offering unique boutique hotel accommodation and a great base from which to explore the island. There were once hundreds of roças (plantations) across São Tomé and Príncipe, and the country quickly became known as one of the world’s largest chocolate producers. Yet when the islands gained their independence from Portugal in 1975 the majority of these plantations fell into decline, and most have now been taken back by the rainforest. 

The Colonial House at Roca Sundy on Principe
The white restored Colonial House at Roça Sundy on Principe

The plantation house at Roça Sundy is one of the few that have been restored, staying true to its original fabric and decor, making it a great choice for anyone interested in history, nature and escapism. 

Large open colonial style dining room at Sundy Roca on Principe with teal coloured walls, tiled floor and wooden ceiling
Original dining room at Roça Sundy

Once a top producer of cocoa, coffee, coconut, banana and cassava, today the plantation is no longer in use and much of it has been left for nature. Wandering around the estate is quite an adventure, with lots of jungle-clad buildings and secret forest trails to explore. You can still see remnants of the old railway line that linked Roça Sundy to the beach down at Sundy Praia, where the products were loaded onto ships for exportation around the world. 

While church building with green grass surrounding it - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Exploring the Sundy plantation – this is the old church

A poor local community of around 400 inhabitants lives on the plantation in the decaying quarters of former labourers, across the green quadrangle from the hotel up at the main house. These people are descendants of the families who worked on the plantation back in the days when it was thriving, and with no-where else to go, they have remained.

Former labourers quarters at Roca Sundy on Principe
Former labourers quarters at Roça Sundy on Principe

Walking around the plantation you’ll meet some of them, which presents a unique opportunity to interact and ask about life on the islands. We found many of the older generations understandably a little wary of us as comparatively ‘wealthy’ outsiders, but the children didn’t hesitate in coming up for hugs or to say a shy olá. A large area of land not far from the centre of the estate has been set aside to develop new dwellings for the community to live in, and work was just beginning during our 2019 visit. It’s called the ‘Terra Prometida’ – the Promised Land – and undoubtedly will vastly improve the lives of those in this community. 

White buildings with green doors - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Decaying but beautiful buildings at Roça Sundy

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Roça Sundy Location

Hidden away in the far north west of Príncipe, the Sundy plantation is the second largest on the island. Just 20 minutes from the airport, it’s also close to the luxury beach resorts of Sundy Praia and Bom Bom (which are owned by the same eco-tourism company, HBD). The journey from the airport to Roça Sundy gives a glimpse into island life, journeying past stilted wooden houses, lush forests and cultivated farmland. 

ruined building with archway and castellated tower top surrounded by forest - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
One of the iconic sights on the Roça Sundy estate

Rooms and Suites at Roça Sundy

There are 15 ensuite rooms at Roça Sundy, all with individual characteristics and views. There are two main buildings that make up the Roça Sundy hotel – the Colonial House (the main house with 6 rooms) and the Plantation House (with 9 rooms). The former remains true to its heritage and has been traditionally renovated and decorated, whilst the latter is more contemporary in design. Both buildings have views overlooking the forest or plantation grounds. 

Wide stone balcony adjacent to white house with arched windows and plants - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Entrance to the Colonial House

Perhaps most importantly, all rooms have air-conditioning, as it does get rather humid here on the island, and it’s nice to have somewhere cool to retreat to after a hot day out. 

White plantation building - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Plantation House

Personally, for your stay at Roça Sundy we’d recommend the Colonial House if you want to enjoy the original style and authentic decor. Even some of the pieces of furniture are original! We had the Colonial Master Suite (room 3), complete with four-poster bed, enormous bathroom and private veranda overlooking the lush grounds, and would definitely recommend this for the ultimate roça experience!

Master Suite with 4-poster bed - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Master Suite at Roça Sundy – room 3

By staying at Roça Sundy you’re very much immersed in nature, so don’t worry if you encounter a few bugs in your room. We had some rather impressive ants trundling about the floor in our suite, but they didn’t bother us as we left them alone. The nature of the old building means there are gaps and cracks, but just relax as it’s all part of the experience. 

Balcony with 2 wooden chairs overlooking rainforest - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Our private balcony in the Colonial House Master Suite

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Roça Sundy Facilities & Service

A holiday at Roça Sundy is all about soaking up the ambience, walking in the footsteps of those who have gone before, and learning about the island’s history whilst residing in comfort. There isn’t a long list of facilities, but everything you need to enjoy a stay here is provided. 

Entrance hall stairs - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
The stairs in the entrance hall

In the Colonial House, there’s a vast entrance hall where you’ll find the front desk and concierge services with friendly local staff. When it comes to deciding what day trips to do, we recommend you do a bit of research prior to arrival, rather than relying on a comprehensive list of activities at reception. 

Entrance hall seating area - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Entrance hall seating area

Dining is out on the covered terrace, with views of the garden and sounds of exotic bird life all around. At night, the lanterns are lit, and bats flit about, catching their own supper. It’s really the perfect setting for an evening meal in the tropics. A small bar leads off the indoor dining area (which wasn’t used during our stay except to lay out the breakfast buffet), serving a decent array of international beverages. 

Dining on the outdoor terrace - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Dining on the outdoor terrace

There’s also a garden terrace area which is great for lunch, or just enjoying a cool drink in the afternoon.

Garden terrace with stone steps leading down to lawned area - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
The garden terrace

Staffing at Roça Sundy is charming, and although it’s not quite as polished as what we’d expect at many other luxury hotels across the world in places where tourism has been long-established, this is perhaps its strength. Interactions feel truly genuine, and so what if you have to ask twice for a jug of water at dinner. These are people not robots, and the slight roughness around the edges when it came to service was refreshing rather than frustrating. The warm welcome is genuine, and everyone is always more than happy to help. 

Small bar room with yellow sofa and wooden bar area - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
The Bar

There is internet at Roça Sundy, although it’s not intended for heavy use (you should be out exploring anyway!). Be aware that the power does frequently cut out (several times each evening we were there), but they have a generator so it’s usually back on in moments. All part of life in the tropics!

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Food at Roça Sundy

Food is of course one of the most important parts of a Roça Sundy review. Príncipe cuisine is understandably quite fish-heavy, a food source that is readily available on both the islands. It’s expensive to export ingredients from abroad, which means meals truly are organic, fresh and locally sourced. Anyone with an adventurous palette will do well here, and although we found a few of the flavours a little bizarre (corn and turtle leaf soup, which tastes just like it sounds), it was all cooked to to perfection, and very inventive. We even tried our very first octopus here (the jury is still out on that one!).

Delicious roasted vegetables - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Delicious roasted vegetables for lunch

The tropical fruit and vegetables at Roça Sundy were our favourite, such variety and colour, and prepared in ways we’d never even have imagined possible. Yum! 

It did seem that less thought had been put in the desserts, and there weren’t any that we particularly loved, but who needs pudding anyway when you’ve feasted on everything else! Perhaps it’s not really a thing on Príncipe. 

Dining terrace - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Dining terrace

Breakfast and dinner are included in your stay, and lunches or picnics are available as required. We loved our picnic of burger sandwiches, fresh tropical fruits and coconut shavings which we ate on the scenic Praia Banana! Oh, and make sure you try the famous local Rosema beer!

Breakfast buffet table - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Breakfast buffet

Things to do at Roça Sundy

One of the joys of a holiday on Príncipe is that the island is so small you can stay at one hotel and still be able to visit everywhere. Once you’ve explored the plantation itself, with lots of intriguing and photogenic decaying old buildings, and visited the spot where Sir Arthur Eddington proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity back in 1919, there’s a whole island waiting to be discovered.

Ruined buildings covered in vines and foliage - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Sundy Roca was where the Theory of Relativity was proven in 1919

Whether you want to take a boat trip for snorkelling and picnics on hidden beaches, or go trekking through the primeval rainforest for spectacular views across the island, this can be arranged at the hotel. Activities at Roça Sundy are numerous, and really it’s up to you to just tell the staff what you fancy doing and they’ll make it happen. There are cocoa plantation tours, visits to the smallest capital city in the world – Santo Antonio, world-class scuba diving excursions, waterfall walks and so much more.

Aerial view of banana shaped beach with rainforest to the left and ocean to the right - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Praia Banana on Principe

We’ve written a long and detailed guide about the best things to do on Sao Tome and Principe, so have a look at this post for more ideas.

Plantation-Beach Combination Stays on Príncipe

Most people like to combine a stay inland at Roça Sundy with a few days at a beach resort, and for this we highly recommend the rustic beach-front bungalows at Bom Bom, which has the most beautiful beach on the island, or Sundy Praia, for those seeking high-end luxury in paradise. Sundy Praia is on the Roça Sundy estate, just a 20 minute 4×4 ride through the plantation down to the shore, so if you have the budget, this is a perfect match. Bom Bom isn’t far either, just a bit further east around the coast, and easy to reach by car. All these properties are owned by the same enterprising and environmentally conscious company, HBD, so it’s easy to arrange transfers between them.

Infinity pool overlooking a beach with a sun lounger in the foreground
The incredible infinity pool at Sundy Praia

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How Long to Spend at Roça Sundy

If you’re combining a stay at Roça Sundy with time at one (or more!) of the beach resorts, then we recommend 2-3 nights here is enough. However if you are spending your entire stay on Príncipe at Roça Sundy, then we suggest a minimum of 4-5 nights to give you time to explore the island. 

Flights from São Tomé tend to arrive quite early in the morning, so on your first day on the island you’ll have pretty much a full day. Bear in mind that return flights from Príncipe to São Tomé also depart rather early, so your transfer will be straight after breakfast giving no time for activities on the final day. 

Back of the Colonial House with stairs leading down to gardens - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Back of the Colonial House looking up to the dining balcony

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Who Stays at Roça Sundy

Roça Sundy is perfectly geared up for couples, families with older children and small group tours. During our stay the other guests were mainly couples, plus one bird watching tour group from Nature Trek. The tranquil atmosphere and lack of big hotel facilities don’t really lend themselves to families with small children, although we have no doubt the youngsters would be doted upon by the friendly staff.

Path leading to Sundy Praia from Sundy Roca on Principe
The plantation track leading to Sundy Praia

Roça Sundy is also significantly cheaper in price when compared to some of the high-end beach lodges, so if budget is a big consideration on this trip but you still want a bit of luxury, then staying here might be just the ticket. You can still access all the water activities at sister property Sundy Praia for your beach and snorkelling fix.

What We Loved

Besides our beautiful suite and being able to stay somewhere that just oozes history, the real highlight for us was our guide. Vanda (so sorry if that’s not the correct spelling!) is the ‘boss guide’ at Roça Sundy, and managed to achieve the perfect balance of imparting priceless local knowledge whilst making us feel comfortable.

We did a day trip around the island with him and it was probably the best part of our entire holiday in São Tomé and Príncipe. We learnt so much, had a whole lot of fun and he even went above and beyond by building us our own little table out of banana leaves and sticks for a beach picnic. Just so our sandwiches didn’t get sand in them. Now that’s service!

Picnic on a beach at Praia Banana on Principe
Our guide BUILT us a table for our picnic lunch on Praia Banana 

What Wasn’t So Great

Despite being lovers of peace and tranquillity, we did at times find Roça Sundy a little too quiet and lacking in atmosphere. We often felt like creeping around on the original wooden floorboards so as not to disturb any of the other guests, which meant we didn’t relax quite as much as we could otherwise have done. A bit of light background music in the dining room and bar would have helped a lot.

Plantation House - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
The short walk to Plantation House

It would also have been good to have some written information available about the history of Roça Sundy, as the heritage of the plantation was the main reason we decided to stay here. There were beautiful photography books about the islands in the bedrooms, but nothing specific to this plantation. 

Would We Return?

If we were to return to Príncipe (which we surely will!), we’ll probably just stick to one of the beach resorts and focus a bit more on the coastal activities and a relaxing holiday. Yet for a first-time visit to Príncipe, we were so glad we included a stay at Roça Sundy on our itinerary, as it contrasted beautifully with the other places we booked on the coast. And we’d highly recommend you do the same.

Lush grounds with chairs and tables - Review of a stay at Roça Sundy on Principe
Garden terrace behind Colonial House

How to Book a Stay at Roça Sundy

To stay at Roça Sundy, we recommend booking half board (breakfast and dinner) as there’s nowhere else nearby to eat. You can arrange lunches when you are there and know what activities you’ll be doing. 

You can check availability and prices for Roça Sundy here.

Top Tips for Staying at Roça Sundy

  • Book a suite in the Colonial House if you can
  • Do some research before you arrive so you have an idea of what Príncipe activities you’d like to do
  • If you can’t eat fish, contact the team before your stay and they’ll make sure there are other options available
  • Pack light clothing for the heat and humidity
  • Take an umbrella for the short, sharp showers
  • If there’s a tour group staying, don’t go to breakfast too late!
  • Take a water bottle to refill for excursions
  • Combine at stay at Roça Sundy with either Sundy Praia or Bom Bom 
  • Roça is pronounced ‘rossa’

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Although this trip was a holiday, we received generous media rates through my role working for a UK tour operator. Huge thanks to the lovely folks at HBD for making this happen, and for giving us such a great time! We were not obligated to write this post, and as always, opinions are our own. 

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