Bonfanti luxury leather wash bag – Giveaway

Attavanti - Bonfanti Harris Tweed Italian Leather Wash Bag

I love the wash bag that Heather gave me a few years ago. It’s a scaled down model of a leading outdoor brand expedition duffle bag, and just the right size. I can fit in what I need for a month-long trip, but it doesn’t take up too much space. It’s made from the same material as the expedition duffle so it’s tough and hard wearing, which is my sort of thing.

Yet sometimes, it just looks out of place.

Let me explain. When Her Ladyship manages to cajole me into a ‘city break’ (I don’t do cities!), the best leverage she has is the promise of a decadent suite to stay in. You know, the sort that comes with a walk in mini bar and far too many light switches. However this is where my wash bag looks like me – a little lost. Having made the effort and broken out my ‘man-about-town’ clothes (which I keep for such occasions), it feels a bit odd to have my trusty old wash bag in tow. It isn’t in keeping with this style of trip, and several times I’ve found myself standing in a swanky bathroom thinking my wash bag looks completely out of place. Sometimes I’ve even gone to the extent of hiding it in my suitcase so housekeeping don’t see it!

But no more.

Thanks to the lovely folks at Attavanti I’m now the proud owner of a fantastic Bonfanti Harris Tweed and Italian leather toiletry wash bag. It’s the perfect accessory on any luxury holiday, and now the only thing out of place in a posh hotel is me! I took the wash bag on our latest trip up to the Scottish Borders to try it out. We were staying in a historic castle spa hotel and a 5* converted peel tower so it was the ideal opportunity to channel my inner gentleman-on-tour.

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Attavanti - Bonfanti Harris Tweed Italian Leather Wash Bag

Attavanti – Italian artisan leather travel accessories

We really love the ethos behind Attavanti, a family company and online supplier of affordable upmarket Italian leather accessories and travel goods. Pretty much anything made in Italy is guaranteed to be stylish and expertly made, and Attavanti have chosen a superb range of both classic and contemporary items for their customers. They carefully source all their suppliers for authenticity and craftmanship so you know what you’re purchasing is artisan-made using only top quality Italian leather. I know Heather has her eye on one of their gorgeous handbags, and I’ve been told I need to update my ‘man-about-town’ messenger bag so watch this space!

Now our wash bag is by Bonfanti, one of the brands stocked by Attavanti. It was created way back in 1945 by husband and wife team Ermogene and Anita Bonfanti. Starting in a small artisan workshop they created handbags and briefcases for local workers, and moved on to focus on light luggage and everyday shopping bags. Later in the 1960’s with input from their sons Angelo and Terenzio, there was movement towards developing more stylish collections and today there is an eclectic and contemporary range for both men and women, ranging from printed canvas shoppers and leather briefcases to luxury luggage and Harris Tweed tote bags.

Attavanti - Bonfanti Harris Tweed Italian Leather Wash Bag

Bonfanti Harris Tweed and Italian Leather Toiletry Wash Bag

Described by Attavanti as “gorgeous” this wash bag is made in ‘George’ fabric which is a new addition to the well known Scottish Harris Tweed range. The certified handwoven (in the outer Hebrides!) Harris Tweed has been given a protective coating, trimmed with Italian leather and canvas handle, and looks and feels like it will last a lifetime. The single metal top zip gives access to the plain soft fabric lined compartment which is big enough to accommodate a substantial toiletry collection (the wash bag is 27 x 16 x 14cms). For those who prefer a splash of colour, the wash bag also comes in Harris Tweed Tartan, and both colours compliment their respective Bonfanti Leather and Harris Tweed Weekend Cabin Bags.

Attavanti - Bonfanti Harris Tweed Italian Leather Wash Bag

The Verdict

I’m not about to start gushing over a wash bag, but I’ll tell you something, I like it. I like it a lot! I love the simplicity of having one decent sized compartment, which means no faffing around trying to remember which ridiculously small inner zipped pocket I may or may not have put something in, and no struggling to concertina overstuffed pouches back into place. I’m a big fan of this wash bag having just one zip fastener – none of this elastic strap, metal popper, or zip combination that I’ve had in the past. I also like the look of the wash bag, with the fabric giving a gentleman’s style that won’t be out of place anywhere we stay, whether that be in a Scottish castle, a swanky city hotel or an exclusive safari lodge.

Attavanti - Bonfanti Harris Tweed Italian Leather Wash Bag

The only aspect of the Bonfanti wash bag that I am a little concerned about is the soft fabric lining. Over the years between Heather and I there have been several wash bag ‘incidents’ where shower gel, shampoo and the like have leaked out of ‘secure’ containers – and not always due to being in the hold of a plane. The material of those wash bags was easy to wipe clean and dry, but I don’t think this will be the case for the Bonfanti wash bag. I’m not too sure how we would get on trying to clean the fabric lining, but won’t let that put me off using this bag for all our various up and coming trips! I’ll just have to make sure my bottle lids are on tightly.

Attavanti - Bonfanti Harris Tweed Italian Leather Wash Bag

The Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Attavanti to offer our readers the chance to win their very own Bonfanti Harris Tweed and Italian leather wash bag (in either brown or tartan, subject to availability).

The giveaway opens on Monday 2nd April and ends at midnight on Monday 16th April 2018.

The giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

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How to enter

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Attavanti kindly provided us with a Bonfanti wash bag for this review, as well as the giveaway prize. All opinions remain our own, and we only feature products that we know you’ll love. Feature image has been provided by Attavanti. 

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  1. says: Helen Swales

    Our holiday this year is a tour round the west coast of Scotland; we’ve never been but from everything I’ve heard it’s a beautiful part of the country; would love to take this with me on our travels.

  2. says: Julie Edwards

    I would love to take this lovely bag with me on my holiday with my husband. He won’t tell me where we are going yet.

  3. says: Rachel Craig

    On every holiday and short break. May visit Oban and Saint Andrews later this year. A visit to Liverpool sometime in the future.

  4. says: Charlotte Wilde

    well its first outing with me wouldn’t be very exciting although it would cheer me up – camping at Sidmouth!

  5. says: Emma Smith

    My husband travels a lot for work so I would love this for him. We got married in Scotland so this would be a lovely reminder of our special day

  6. says: Carolyn99

    I love your tag line Adventure by day, Luxury by Night. It is exactly my style of travel. The wash bag would go with me on my next trip to Italy.

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Thanks Carolyn! We love exploring and adventuring, but we do like a bit of luxury at the end of the day 🙂 Have fun in Italy, the wash bag would fit right in there!

  7. says: Lorna Ledger

    We go away on littlw weekends a couple of times a year, next weekend we are going to the Peak District, so it would go places like this x

  8. says: Elaine Shaw

    I love this, it is so classy, and I adore both tweed and tartan.It would compliment my decor and my luggage, and would accompany me on all my holidays and overnight stays.

  9. says: Jessica Hutton

    I would use it on nights away and if I go on holiday. But it would get a lot of daily use as I like to keep things together and organised xx

  10. says: Julie Camm

    We’re taking a year out from holidaying in Scotland, and going to Snowdonia instead, so I’d use it there, plus we have odd weekends away in Yorkshire and Cumbria so it would come there too….

  11. says: Gerri Tennant

    This would be really special for our trip to The Loire Valley and Versailles, after all it is fit for a king!.

  12. says: Dean T

    I would use the wash bag on my next trip up north to Scotland, love spending time around the highlands on a weekend break

  13. says: Ren Taylor

    It is perfect for my husband as he loves his tweed! He would use it on our many camping trips over Spring and Summer

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Yeay Morocco, our favourite destination in the world 🙂 We have heaps of articles on Morocco if you need any inspiration!